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Novus Concilium is ranked one of the best laws firms for data protection in Mexico.

For the third year in a row, Leaders League recognized Novus as one of the best Privacy and Personal Data Protection law firms in Mexico, recognizing our work in this area.

At Novus, we develop privacy policies, negotiate data transfer agreements and litigate data protection cases helping our clients to be in compliance with Mexican Law. We have a cross-border focus, we counsel and represent companies from all over the world, helping them to do business in Mexico. In this area we have counseled companies from Mexico, the U.S., Europe and other countries in Latin America.

We have experience in many industries, such as big data, artificial intelligence, open finance, advertisement, healthcare, fintech, ecommerce and many more.

Check out our service offering here. If you want us to represent your company, shoot us a text here.

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