Software. Copyright. Right of Publicity.

Intellectual property is paramount. From protecting source code or registering a brand, to developing a complex technology transfer scheme, at Novus we specialize in the protection of tech assets. We have implemented various strategies helping our clients to develop and license software, protect audiovisual content such as videogames, protect artificial intelligence algorithms, launch technological platforms, among others.


Corporations. Foreing Investment. M&A.

We have helped our clients in matters such as forming subsidiaries, drafting bylaws and/or shareholder agreements, holding shareholder meetings and board meetings, transfer of shares or social shares, capital increases, liquidation of companies, mergers and acquisitions, among others.


Privacy policies. Cross-border data transfers.

Complying with privacy laws around the world is very important and Mexico is no exception. Our lawyers have helped companies to adequately document their privacy policies, carry out personal data transfers, meet requirements of Mexican authorities and make regulatory compliance reports, applying international golden standards (i.e GDPR). Especially, we thrive developing privacy policies for digital, Big Data and Iot companies.


Interoperability. ToS. Government Registrations

Telecommunications put the world at your fingers. At Novus we know that this is of utmost importance, that is why we represent telecommunications companies that help us to be more connected every day.

Wine Law

Labels. Appellation of Origin. Import and Export.

Cheers! We enjoy  practicing Wine Law. Our team has helped companies that are dedicated to the production, marketing, export and import of Mexican wines and spirits. From negotiating the purchase of grapes and checking that labels comply regulations, up to creating the appropriate corporate structures for investment in vineyards and distilleries, at Novus we know how to protect this type of companies.

Venture Capital

Due Dilligence. Priced Rounds. Debt financing.

Our crown jewel. Our lawyers are specialists in financing structures a vehicles for private companies. We apply the best international practices and adapt them to the Mexican market. We are experts in the negotiation and structuring of investment rounds, Venture Capital, convertible debt and crowdfunding. In addition, we build bridges (not walls) between Mexico and Silicon Valley, we like building Latin American unicorns.

Fintech / Blockchain

Everybody is talking about Fintech and Blockchain and few are the lawyers in this industry. We advise companies on Token Sales in the Mexican market (Hey, we even have our own), we are experts in electronic payments and with the recent Fintech Law, we are ready to represent Financial Technology Institutions in the country.

ICOs and Token Sales. Electronic Payments.

In-House Counsel

We understand that companies need help with their daily legal work. At Novus, we can help you with these tedious tasks. Many clients trust us to be their "in-house counsel", they consult with us the legal feasibility of their projects or they ask us to review those “day to day” those contracts and documents.

Corporate Governance. Equity Compensation. Compliance.

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